The 3 Dimensions of the Innovation Audit 3.0

Designer : rodcwillis
Release Date : 22nd May 2017
Game Category : Board Games
Genre : Educational
Players : 1 - 6
Age Rating : 18+
Game Playtime : 60 - 120 mins
Components :
  • Rectangle Game Box
    • 60 Second Sand Timer (1 Minute)
    • Wrapped Tri-Fold Board
    • Bridge Tuck Box - 56 Cards
      • Bridge Sized Cards
      • Bridge Sized Cards
      • Bridge Sized Cards
      • Bridge Sized Cards
    • A5 Tough Plastic Box
      • A5 Booklet
      • Gem Green D10 Dice
      • Ball Pawn Blue
      • Halma Pawn Yellow
      • Cone Green
      • Cone Orange
      • Cone Purple


    Accelerating Collaboration Everywhere™

    We specialise in helping organisations develop the environment and interventions that enhance collaboration which is necessary for agile development

    Games Enhance Collaboration

    By playing the game, those interested in agile development come to understand a new framework and vocabulary. This is required for agile scrums as well as professional relationships.  This results in creating stronger and faster ways of working together supporting agile methodology

    Need to Collaborate?

    The Agile scrum, agile organisations and those implementing Collaborative business relationships do!   

    For those that want to make work a better place

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    BS11000-1:2010 ISO 44001:2017

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