Aventyr - The Mountain Bike Edition - Board Pack

Designer : The Northman
Release Date : 17th January 2019
Game Category : Board Games
Genre : Adventure
Players : 1 - 6
Age Rating : 12+
Game Playtime : < 30 mins
Components :
  • 63 x63 Playing Cards
    • Wrapped Quad-Fold Board
  • Aventyr  -  The Mountain Bike Edition. 

    A game where you go Orienteering on a Mountain Bike... 

    Welcome to The NorthMan Games.

    Here I present Aventyr  -  The Mountain Bike Edition.

    It is an easy to play, fast paced board game based on the sport of Trailquest in which I used to participate some years ago.

    In Trailquest, you have a fixed amount of time in which to plot a route on a map, ride your bike around the hills looking for checkpoints, collect the points contained thereon and then return to where you started. At the end of the event, the person with the highest number of points wins.  However, doing the real thing meant sometimes getting very cold and wet and, indeed, I did get lost in a blizzard once... So here's a way of taking part on a cold winter's evening while staying in the warm and dry.

    Instead of a time limit, you have 40 turns in which to venture around the board collecting points. There are numerous hazards that may befall you though. You might land on a square which requires you to pick a card that may award you points, lose you points or make you relocate your counter on the board. This may be helpful... or not. You might return to the start area late which will cost you points. There are twists and turns with every throw of the dice...Only after everyone has finished and the points have been totalled up does it emerge who is the winner. A 40 turn game takes only about 15 minutes per person to play so it's not long and boring like some board games. It can be played by one person who can then play again and try to beat their own score or you can cram as many people around the board as you can. Play regularly and form a league... The rules are easy to read and understand by young and old alike. It's a good family game. 

    Oh, and AVENTYR? It's a Swedish word meaning ADVENTURE. I am based in North Northumberland in the U.K. but have Viking blood running in my veins...

    To be able to sell this low volume, artisan game at a competitive price, I have decided to offer it as a number of component packs. Some packs you WILL need, others you MAY need. 

    The price below buys the 'Board Pack' which contains only the Game Board and the pack of Cards.

    You will need to download and print off both sides of the Rule Sheet using these links;  

    and also download and print off some Score Sheets using this link;  
    The rule sheets and the score sheet are necessary to play the game but, happily, are free of charge.
    You're very welcome to download these before you buy the game so you will know in advance if it is the type of game you might enjoy...

    The 'Dice Pack' contains 2 x 6 sided dice, 1 x 20 sided dice, 1 x 4 sided dice and  six pawns for the players. These components are also necessary to play the game but you may find you have some in a game you already have. If you don't have some already, and you need to buy the pack, you will find it on the 'shop' page of this site. 

    All of these components will be delivered to you in fairly plain packaging so you might need to find a bag or something to keep it in at home. If you'd rather have a proper printed box which has been designed to keep the game in, you can buy the 'Box Pack', again, on the 'shop' page of this site. 
    It's not crucial, but it is a nice box.

    A final thought ; 
    It will save you money if all the packs needed are bought in one go as the postage cost remains the same, as opposed to ordering at different times.

    I hope you have enjoyed reading about the game, so why not buy one and enjoy playing it...