The Impact Game

Designer : KarynM
Release Date : 15th August 2018
Game Category : Board Games
Genre : Educational
Players : 3 - 6
Age Rating : 18+
Game Playtime : < 30 mins
Components :
  • Poker Sized Cards
    • Wrapped Quad-Fold Board
    • Poker Tuck Box - 100 Cards
    • Aeroplane Blue
    • Aeroplane Green
    • Aeroplane Red
    • Aeroplane White
    • Aeroplane Yellow
    • Aeroplane Purple
    • Square Game Box
    • 16mm White Spot Dice
  • "Oh no, you forgot the data access statement in your manuscript and have to request a change. Skip a turn while you liaise with the publisher."

    "Great! You created an ORCID account and added your ID to your email signature. Go forward one space."

    Want to teach doctoral students and research staff about open access, research data management, REF, and publishing? 'The Impact Game' is a board game designed to make learning about these and other aspects of academic research engaging, interactive, and fun!

    Questions in the game cover a wide range of issues encountered by academics and researchers.  You can get a flavour of the game and questions by visiting the Impact Game collection on figshare.

    In the game, players move in a similar way to snakes and ladders, but also answer a question on most turns. It's ideally played with at least three people, but can be played by two people. The question cards can also be used independently for a quick quiz.

    It was designed and tested by Cranfield University Library Service.