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Custom Playing Cards

Card Sizes Materials Description

Custom Card Description

Custom Cards

The possibilities are endless with custom playing cards from Ivory Graphics. We bring you the opportunity to create decks with varying amounts of cards, in different sizes and a choice of styles. As you can see above, we give 7 choices to choose from when creating your deck of custom cards.

At Ivory Graphics we like to put all our cards on the table and give you the freedom to do whatever you like! If you want a deck of cards with more than you conventional 56 then custom cards are the way forward! We don’t limit you to size either. Unlike other playing card companies who will try to constantly push poker cards and bridge cards on you, we DON’T! We simply give you a selection of custom sized cards to choose from and let you take your pick!

We have a wide variety of custom cards to choose from, each with radius corners and cut in the same way as normal playing cards. Every card we print has the option of full bleed design or a bordered design too, and we ensure all custom playing cards are plastic coated for optimum performance. With plastic coated custom cards you get the extra durability you need for easy sliding and simple shuffling.

Custom designed cards give you the option of putting whatever images and text on the cards that you like. Usually you’d get the option of altering the fronts due to the fact that if the backs are different, you can memorise them. For educational purposes however, we give you the option of customising the fronts and backs of the cards with whatever images and text you like. Looking for an alternative learning aid to the methods you usually use? Why not consider custom double sided cards from Ivory Graphics.

From trump cards to educational cards and tarot cards too, we have everything right here in one place at Ivory Graphics! Are you looking for custom playing cards? You have come to the right place. Can’t see the size you are looking for? Give us a call a request the custom sized cards you need.

Different variety of cards
Playing cards can come in all different sizes and designs

Materials Explained

Heretic 305gsm Playing Card Material (Smooth Finish)

Hereic is produced by lamination two sheets of card together using black glue. This lamination makes the playing card much stronger and more durable than normal card. The black glue makes card opaque so there is no possibility of any show through.

Sure Slip Air Playing Card Material (Textured Finish)

Sure slip has a unique textured finish and is made with the same process as Heretic material. The texture helps the playing cards move more evenly so the user control the playing cards with ease and make sleight of hand tricks a breeze.

Heretic 340gsm Playing Card Material (Smooth Finish)

Made using the same technique as 305gsm. Thickness material of the highest quality. Ideal for serious players.

Aramac 270gsm 100% Plastic Material (Smooth Finish)

Aramac is extra durable & extra flexible.

Zanta Games Board 300gsm & 350gsm (Smooth Finish)

Zanta games board is typically used for Trump cards, Education, Tarot and Display cards. Zanta games board is used when black liner is not required.

Custom Card Sizes

Square: 50mm x 50mm
Patience: 42mm x 63mm
Bridge: 56mm x 87mm
Poker: 63mm x 88mm
Skat: 59mm x 91mm
Trumps: 62mm x 100mm
A7: 74mm x 105mm
Education: 78mm x 108mm
Tarot: 70mm x 120mm
Large Tarot: 89mm x 127mm
Tall Tarot: 89mm x 146mm
A6: 105mm x 148mm
Display: 110mm x 155mm
A5: 148mm x 210mm
A4: 210mm x 297mm
SRA3: 320mm x 450mm