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4 Memorable Corporate Gift Ideas For Business Events

Memorable Corporate Gift Ideas

Participating in a business event, such as a tradeshow or industry conference, means competing with dozens of other, similar businesses for the attention of event attendees. It is therefore a good idea to have something prepared for attendees to take away to help them remember you. We're not just talking about brand literature - people appreciate a free corporate gift.

Attendees at retail and food and drink trade shows frequently come home loaded up with complementary teabags, snack bars and other edible branded merchandise. This isn’t appropriate for every sector, but there is scope to create memorable corporate gift ideas for whichever industry you work in, without breaking the bank.

Event attendees won't want to be burdened down by bulky or heavy items, so your gifts should be small, lightweight and – most importantly – useful. 

Here are just a few suggestions:

1) Promotional Bracelet

We have seen some exhibitors handing out small, subtle cable bracelets in brand colours with a logo or company name embossed on them. These can be simple "charity band" type rubber bracelets, or more formal pieces of jewellery with a rubber strap and metal face. Most people at the event will put the bracelet on straightaway rather than carry it around, so even if they don't wear it at any other time, you will get a lot of valuable exposure during the event. To extend the longevity of the product, some promotional bracelets have micro-USB storage devices incorporated into the clasp, so they can be used after the event.

2) Bookmarks

Bookmarks are fairly cheap to produce, can be endlessly customised and are widely appreciated. Most people will prefer to use an attractive bookmark where possible, rather than a receipt or train ticket, so it is likely that a promotional bookmark will be widely used. These are especially appropriate for conferences and business events where delegates travel long distances by plane or train. Your gift could mark the pages of their travel reading on the way home.

3) Business Card Holder

Fed up of your business cards being lost among a sea of other cards at business events? Avoid the problem altogether by purchasing branded business card holders to give away to event attendees. Armed with your free gift, the attendee can collect as many flashy business cards as they like: your company name will be the first they see whenever they pull the holder out of their pocket.

4) Promotional Playing Cards

Promotional playing cards are striking, practical and easy to customise. You can make the branding as subtle or as garish as you like, depending on the message you want to put across. For instance, some businesses are satisfied with simply having the back of the card branded with their business logo, whereas others like to feature product images or messages on the front of the cards as well. Playing cards are a cheap option, and are compact enough for an event attendee to put in their handbag or pocket. You may want to stick with a traditional card format, or grab even more attention by customising a game or making one up from scratch. Have a chat with us and we'll help you come up with the perfect idea.

About Ivory Graphics

Since 1994, Ivory Graphics have produced custom playing cards and bespoke games for customers around the country. Our products are now used regularly by hundreds of businesses of all sizes as training aids, marketing materials and corporate gifts. As corporate gifts, playing cards are fun, light-hearted and capable of packing a considerable amount of information. A standard deck of playing card, for instance, can feature information on up to 52 unique services or products.

To play around with what might work for your brand, check out our free playing card maker, or call us on 0800 458 4137. You should also take a look at our new e-book: How To Promote Your Business Using Custom Playing Cards, which explains all you need to know about materials, order volumes, budgeting, messaging and more. Download your copy today by clicking here.

How To Promote Your Business Using Custom Playing Cards