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4 Creative Giveaway Ideas For Corporate Events

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When you host a corporate event it is nice to have a giveaway to hand out to customers when they leave - a bit like a grown-up version of a child's party goodie bag. It is common for these giveaways to feature pens, diaries or other printable knickknacks. But to make a real impression on your attendees you should try and get creative. Here are some of the ideas we've seen and liked over the past year:

1) Branded Picture Frame

A branded picture frame is unlikely to make its way to someone's living room, but it has a strong likelihood of finding a place at someone's desk, whether filled with a memento of an award ceremony or a giggling baby. Subtle branding works best with picture frames, with a company name, email and/or phone number and bossed in a complementary colour on one of the sides. If you choose this option, remember that appearance is everything. Spend a bit of money on quality and don't overdo it on the branding, as this may come across as a bit tacky.

2) Branded Headphones

For corporate guests you may wish to spend a little bit more on providing a valuable gift and really making an impression. Headphones are a good choice, as they are always cheaper than they look when purchased in bulk, and will be widely used. For an existing customer, it ensures your brand is kept at the forefront of their mind whenever they chill out on their headphones.

3) Phone Charger

Phone chargers are always appreciated as gifts, especially by business people who are on the move frequently. Charging ports can be purchased that connect to a 12 V car socket and can be customised with a logo or simple message. These are quite pricey but make great durable gifts. We have also seen solar phone chargers given away as corporate gifts, which are expensive but have more room for contact information and messaging. Simpler USB chargers and lightning cables are a cheaper alternative; practical gadgets that ensure wide and long lasting brand exposure.

4) Custom Playing Cards And Games

Branded playing cards make great giveaways at corporate events. Our customers have found they are a gift that keeps giving, as a deck of playing cards could have a longevity far exceeding other promotional gifts. Customers will use playing cards and show them to others, giving you valuable exposure for your brand. You won't have to spend a fortune on playing cards. In fact these are far and away the cheapest of the four options we have explored, but their impact potentially outweighs all the others.

Moving one step beyond playing cards, some customers commission complete bespoke games. These can be used as a networking or promotional tools during a corporate event, with the game being given as a gift on the guest's departure. Please feel free to explore our Game Maker App to get your imagination going.

How To Promote Your Business Using Custom Playing Cards

At Ivory Graphics we design completely bespoke cards that can include any messages and images you choose. Select the level of customisation you require to meet the needs of your market, and the type of card you want. You can customise a set of bridge cards, poker cards or trump cards. You may even wish to design a completely bespoke game to give to your customers. In all these things we can help.

To find out more, click here to download our free e-book: How To Promote Your Business Using Custom Playing Cards.

How To Promote Your Business Using Custom Playing Cards
By Steve Shedden