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Playing Card Boxes

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Personalised Playing Card Boxes
Personalised Playing
Card Boxes
Protect your cards in style!

Playing Card Boxes

Personalised Playing Card Boxes

Every pack of playing cards needs a box or case to hold them otherwise their longevity is compromised. If a deck is just cello wrapped once opened where can the playing cards go for storage? Playing card boxes are an essential part of any deck of cards.
We make boxes for all sizes of Playing Cards. Bridge and Poker are the most popular. This is just a very small part of what we can do. Tuck boxes are the most common type of packaging used for playing cards we also make Rigid Display Boxes, Leather boxes and have a supply of plastic boxes.

Amazingly you don’t even have to put playing cards in to these boxes. We have made boxes for very different uses like condoms for the NHS to promote safe sex in the gay community.
If you have a different requirement for boxes then please get in touch we can make a one off box any size without any tooling. So there is no massive set up cost.

Boxes normally hold 20 playing cards as a minimum but if there is less we can make a wallet to hold the cards. Flow wrapping & cello banding are also options but once open they are left without any storage. Which for a promotional event for example isn’t unheard of, however if you give out something to a potential customer that they can keep for a long time you are building a strong brand identity with that person/business.

Plain white playing card boxes are also available on request. These can protect your packs in transit without the cost of printing.

We make boxes for all of our standard sizes with any amount of cards. Once a pack gets too big for a tuck box we can put the playing cards in a rigid display box. These are much stronger with a 2mm strawboard wrapped with paper printed with your design and laminated. We have made these boxes to hold 1250 cards per pack.

Plastic Playing Card Boxes
These are only available in standard sizes as below, we have a large stock of them. These are only sold with cards in them.

Bridge Size56 x 87mm Holds up to 56 cards
Poker Size 63 x 88mm Holds up to 56 cards
Skat Size 59 x 91mm Holds up to 36 cards
Trump Size 62 x 100mm Holds up to 36 cards
A6 105 x 148mm Holds up to 200 cards
A5 Slim 148 x 210mm Holds up to 78 cards
A5 Fat 148 x 210mm Holds up to 200 cards
A4 Slim 210 x 297mm Holds up to 78 cards
A4 Fat 210 x 297mm Holds up to 200 cards
SRA3 320 x 450mm Holds up to 100 cards

The amount of cards per plastic box varies depending what material is used for printing the playing cards. For more information feel free to get in touch.

Leather Boxes
Custom made to suit your ultimate desires, or at least when it comes to playing card boxes! These can be made in different colours of leather to suit your playing cards.

Printing & Materials for Tuck Boxes

All our playing card boxes are printed in CMYK on to 395um Zanta Box Board as standard with other options available on request.
Ridge Display boxes are made with a 2mm white lined Straw board and wrapped with a 135gsm white paper. Small orders are printed on a fasson adhesive label and matt laminated. Wrapped Leather boxes can be Gold or Silver foiled.

Gloss Lamination
Gloss lamination is a popular form of finishing that gives your personalised playing card boxes a shiny covering on the outside. Slick, smooth and durable, the gloss lamination finish prevents people from writing on the box with a ballpoint pen and once applied to the exterior of your box, really makes it look the part! Are you looking for a playing card box with a professional, vibrant and all round aesthetically pleasing finish? Gloss laminated covering is definitely for you!

Matt Lamination
There’s nothing quite like the feel of a smooth surface on an item as it sits in your hand. Rough edges and surfaces can make a product feel unwelcoming but with Matt laminated covering you will receive a box that has been finished with a soft ’satin’ feel, which enhances the smoothness of the playing card boxes and makes the box a delight to hold. You won’t be able to write on the Matt laminated covering with a ballpoint pen, which is good news, and when you are actually touching and playing with your cards, you will instantly notice the silky quality to the print!

Soft Touch Lamination
New Release! This has an amazing velvet feel that makes you hold on to the box for that little bit longer. How they get that feeling on to a sheet of plastic I don’t know. This is definitely my new favourite as it offers the same protection as the others and just feels so premium.

Gloss Linen Textured Lamination
I know, what next? With the same glossiness as gloss lamination. But with a fine texture linen finish to give your box a very different wow finish. Same quality as all the above laminations in fact all our laminations are made by the same company so there is no compromise just 4 different finishes.


Create your own personalised playing card boxes. All you need to do is download the appropriate template and add your design. Save as a PDF and you’re ready to go. If you can’t create your own artwork then we can help you. Simply supply us with your logos, pictures, text and a brief description of how you would like the design. We will set up your design as requested and send you a proof before any printing takes place.
Custom sized playing card boxes are available on request. No tool charge.

You can find all our templates in most formats on our template page. If you cannot find the template required, just send us an email and we will gladly set one up for you free of charge.

Our normal service dispatches in 6 working days although smaller orders and test packs are dispatched quicker. There is also an Express Service which we dispatch in 3 working days and an Economy Service that dispatches in 12 working days.

Please Note: Rigid Display Boxes & Leather Boxes can take longer.

Personalised Playing Card Boxes